Racing for Orphans is…

A unique business dedicated to helping orphans by inspiring dreams thru motorcycle racing. We are a team of motorcycle enthusiasts that have a passion for racing and the drive to create an avenue thru this passion in order to help others.

Our goal is to engage with the local Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches located in Live Oaks Florida and create a very special opportunity for the children to receive direct monetary gifts and scholarship programs. The business model of this company is based around selling marketing opportunities for our corporate sponsors to support the racing endeavors, and provide expenses for the big party while 100% OF ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE CHILDREN. The founder has already donated several thousand dollars of his own capital in order to develop this fine charity and begin building the bikes and race trailer.

The bigger and best picture in our Racing for Orphans goal is to utilize the Racing platform as a means to bring attention to and help several under privileged children. Racing for Orphans, LLC is not currently a 501.(C)(3) (waiting approval). All donations will go directly into the secured Sheriffs bank account specifically set up for the Racing for Orphans program. 

How Your Donations Work:

Thru a special arrangement made with the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches and BB&T Bank there is a solid plan that provides for 100% of every  dollar that’s donated to go directly into special bank accounts for each child.

This is one of the very few charities that you will find which is totally transparent and ensures that there is no portion of your donation allocated to any administrative, facility costs, or anything other than 100% of every penny into the children’s bank accounts or for a scholarship program.

When you make a donation it goes directly into a special account at the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches on their secure website dedicated for the Racing for Orphans Program. YOU MUST SELECT RACING FOR ORPHANS IN THE CAMPAIGN SELECTOR SO THAT IT GETS PROPERLY APPLIED.  Check out our generous supporters and the total money raised so far by clicking here!

Racing for Orphans will provide monthly updates on this website with recognition to every donation made and our totaled contribution achievements as soon as they are provided by the Youths Ranches accounting. Once the program is closed for the annual distribution, we will also post the names of the children and the amount that was directly placed into their BB&T Bank account along with any scholarships that were awarded.

We thank you for your interest and truly appreciate every penny that you can donate to further our cause and help these deserving children thru the Racing for Orphans program.

How the children receive it:

Here’s the really cool part, so what’s this big party all about… Imagine all of these destitute children going on the field trip of their life?

In December of 2017 thru special coordination with the Youths Ranches, transportation will pick up or deliver the children from the ranches to a brief visit at the racing facility. The children will all have guardians that will be comprised of Youth Ranches volunteer staff which may also include celebrities, athletes, local personalities and other inspirational and caring private individuals. These mentors will also help instill values and suggestions for the children on how to enjoy their gift before they get to the mall to enjoy their shopping spree.

The facility will be a complete welcoming party for the children where tents filled with, music, festivities, food and drink will be plentiful. Special guests and media coverage to document and televise the party will also be on hand.

During the party there will be special attention given to the children with guidance and advice from special guests on how to enjoy their brand new bank account filled with up to $1000. Special debit cards will be personally issued to each child for their bank account, our mentoring will help them explore options that they can do with these cards and enjoy their money. Mentors will inform the children about various things they can choose to do with their money including how to save some, plan for a better education, or sharing with others, or spending it any way they want later at the mall. Once each child has been given their card and coached the trip will then continue on to a local mall where they will be able to enjoy they’re very own shopping spree.

Whats the racing all about:

Our team will assemble a world class salt flats race motorcycle that will attend the various flats racing events including the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats beginning in September 2017. The goal of the team will be to raise money for the Orphan Children throughout 2016 and 2017 thru our network of kind hearted friends, family and fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

All aspects on the building of the bikes will be filmed and documented. This venue can inspire everyone thru the use of motorcycles and help bring a little light to children that may also be interested in or have a passion for the motorcycle industry. We look forward to working closely with educational facilities to develop scholarships targeted specifically for the motorcycle industry so we can award them to these interested children so they can pursue their goals and realize that the sky is the limit with focus and hard work.

The funding raised from our sponsors will be whats used to complete the motorcycles, race trailer, attend the events, and throw the kids a big party. We plan to help these fine companies gain a great value for their investment in our marketing program. If you would like to have your company displayed with Racing for Orphans please visit our contact page and send us your information.


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