My Story…

Born Olean New York, 1952, I’ve been self employed most of my Life Started my first business while in High school, Graduated on Saturday and Turned the Key to my first repair shop on Monday, I’ve made High Horsepower my Mission through out that time. I’ve got every certification for mechanics there is including Two Master Mechanics Degrees, I Made the change to full time Motorcycle repair in 1982. In 1986 I moved to Florida and began a custom paint business that evolved into Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs.

Preachers is a full service Shop that specializes in complete motorcycle fabrication, machine work and custom paint. Preachers Has turned out several Motorcycles that have won the biggest Shows in the industry . Most recently The Championship Of Americas Performance class. I’ve been featured in several national magazines, numerous local publications and on Velocity Networks Cafer Racer TV show. Now retired I’d like to Continue the charity for children I’ve been involved with through out my Professional career, 47 Years!

Hello, I’m Jim Goodrich (aka Reverend Jim) and this has been a dream of mine for over 4 decades. During the course of this dream I interviewed several organizations in a quest to be able to insure that 100% of all money donated because of my efforts would be given directly to the children. After several disheartening meetings with other orphanages around the state, which by the way all wanted these donations to go into their general fund, I finally discovered the wonderful Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.

Thru several vetting meetings with Wayne, his staff, the kids and personally visiting the ranches and attending some of their award ceremonies my conclusion was solid….WOW what an organization!!!! I can not say enough great things about the reception and backing of my plan to be able to give 100% of these donations directly to the children. To my knowledge Racing for Orphans is the only program around where a charity actually sets up bank accounts in order to help these children learn how to handle their own money.

I am very grateful and applaud the Florida Sheriff Youth Ranches, PLEASE TAKE TIME AND WATCH THE ABOVE VIDEO!

Rev Jim


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