Racing For Orphans “Old School” Drag bike project needed only a front fender mounted and a head light to be finished in fabrication. You will remember All the Racing For Orphans Bikes are built with mostly repurposed used parts supplied by different Donors . and from Many assorted brands and manufactures .The headlight is no exception . It is one of three I bought when building the OB$E$$ED shovel. They kept fogging up inside and I kept buying new ones , UNTIL a Rats Hole judge told me the secret solution to keeping one crystal clear.  So, this one made it to the Drag bike Project. Got to have some HD on there! The front fender mounts are a Preachers Item, and the seriously light fender is Airtech. The headlights mounts are from Preachers Hot Rod Cycle designs also.  Next step > a trip to Tribby’s Auto, Marine Paint, & Body for Kevin Bates to lay down the base coat colors and Mike and Steve Brothers Powder Coating to do the voodoo that they do Before Mo Diaz @Mo’s Image custom took delivery for the hand done art work . Stay tuned ! Assembly coming Up !